Green Ridge Village Retirement Community

Model Railroad Station

Model Railroad ClubWelcome to the Green Ridge and Big Spring Railroad. Please take time to visit us when you tour Green Ridge Village.

We're model train enthusiasts with an ever changing and ever growing HO scale model train layout in our 44 by 36 feet train room which has been designed for handicap friendly accessibility. By the end of 2005 we had more than 1657 feet of track and 168 switches, both electric and manual. Eight to ten trains can operate simultaneously from ten different control panel locations.

Our towns, houses and industries have lights and are named after stops on the former Cumberland Valley Railroad. These include Alterton, Carlisle, Dillsburg, Kingston, Middlesex, Newville, Oakville, Shippensburg, and White Hall.

Model Railroad layoutIndustries include an oil refinery, meat packing plant, chemical plant, coal mine, pickle factory, milk processing plant, and brewery. There are also a variety of smaller industries, several farms and cattle ranches, an extensive lumbering area, and many community parks and other open spaces.

We have also created numerous interesting scenic details which include a hobo camp with a lean-to and camp fire; men fishing in a stream; a beer wagon pulled by a team of horses; workmen laying pipe and building houses; kids playing baseball; and many other fascinating vignettes.

Model Railroad Station Virtual Tour


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